Monday, April 24, 2006

Desert Island—Circuit City Edition

From Otto, who got it from Shakes, who picked it up somewhere else I'm sure...

You know you are about to get dumped on a desert island. There will be a complete home entertainment center—solar-powered? Made of coconuts ala the Professor? 5:1 surround?—Doesn't matter. It works, and you have to select the following things to keep you going the rest of your days.

Complete television series

What'll it be?


Mr Furious said...

TV Series: I'll field this one first, because it is the only no-brainer for me. I will take "Homicide: Life on the Street." Best show ever on television, hands down. I can only think of ONE episode I don't like, and it is still better than the best "Law & Order."

The Simpsons are tempting because seasons 2 through 5 or so are great. Season 1 kinda sucks, and I gave up on the series about ten years ago. That DOES mean I would have ten years of new material to enjoy, but I know much of it will be sub-par...

Album: Incredibly tough. Earlier this week, I was listening in the car to The Posies' "Frosting on the Beater" and thinking it was a perfect album. It is.
I would probably take that.

I might once have said Little Feat "Waiting for Columbus" but I find myself skipping those tunes when they come up on the shuffle lately.

Book: Also very tough. I'll go with James Ellroy's "American Tabloid." It's like the "Homicide" of books. (Not counting, of course, "Homicide" the book...)

Film: Probably "Pulp Fiction" It's not the best movie of all time (but very good), but its probably the one I'd enjoy watching over and over the most...It brings everything to the table.

Mr Furious said...

Opposite picks (the things that would be in my own personal hell...):

Album: I think I'll go with... Kid Rock. He really kind of pisses me off.

Book: Thomas Harris' "Hannibal." Absolute shit.

Film: Dogma. Contained an absolute shit creature, and that's right about when I shut it off.

TV Series: The Golden Girls.

Otto Man said...

Those opposite picks sound right to me. Though I'd probably put one of the "Left Behind" books in there instead, since I've never read "Hannibal."

Elizabeth said...

That is really difficult. Good time-waster.

Book: The Bible, because it is both comforting and has crazy stories. After that, if it's too easy a choice, I'll take Bertrand Russell's History of Western Philosophy, for exactly the same reason.

TV Series: I haven't watched American TV for 8 years. I have been surviving on Conan O'Brian, which I found in daily syndication on an Italian channel once. That's okay.

Film: I am not a film buff... so... I will pick one with a really good soundtrack, like Forrest Gump. That has a lot of songs I love. I think I'd get sick of watching other movies over and over anyway.

Album: No way. In this case it's got to be classical, because anything rock or pop will eventually wear thin. Plus I could make my own banjo and pick most of the rock out myself. I'm going for Mozart's Requiem.

Personal hell: anything by John Updike; MTV's Real World; Requiem for a Dream (not because it was bad, but because its intended effect is so nightmarish); Rammstein (anything would be horrible).

Elizabeth said...

Wait. You know who would be worse than Rammstein? Blue.

Matt Tierney said...

When you left the U.S. for the long-haul did you have to make some of these decisions? Decide which things you were taking? Perhaps not one of each, but (for example)a few favorite books, etc.?

Was this a "travel lightly" scenario or were you able to make a more traditional move where you got to bring a lot of belongings?

Just curious.

I recently urged my bookshelves down to one shelf of my favorites. Donated all the rest to the library. It's a tough thing to get rid of books for some reason...Lots of stuff I liked, but had to honestly assess I would never read again...

Montag said...

Ok, I did this. Over here. Included a modest link back here, too.