Monday, August 02, 2004

Politics: Esquire - Bush, Yay or Nay?

Ron Reagan has an op-ed column in the new Esquire, and he unloads both barrels at Bush. He then drops the shotgun and picks up a machine gun and just holds the trigger... The excellent Tom Junod takes on the task of making 'The Case For George W. Bush'. With Esquire's tiny text format, and the excessive length of the pieces, both are tedious reads at times, but worth checking out.

Esquire might still be the best magazine out there. I sure thought so four or five years ago, but I stopped buying/subscribing to Esquire a couple years ago, partly just the subscription running out, but mostly because its great articles and writing were being packaged with Maxim photo shoots and other crap. The David Granger era has produced magazines that are too damn good for me to throw out, featuring the very best authors and commentators alive - but he (or his bosses) has sadly sold-out to the lad magazine, sex sells mentality of much lesser competition. Sigh.

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