Monday, December 13, 2004

Shopping: Blue Christmas

[via Altercation] If you are doing any Chistmas shopping this year, it's a good idea to support the companies that support progressive causes. I don't mean you have to buy everybody something from Heifer (though that would be nice), I know people still want to give and receive some "regular" gifts. So when shopping online or in actual stores, reward the company that supported Democratic candidates over Republicans this past year. Buy at Barnes & Noble (or better yet, Powells) instead of Amazon. (though you can feel free to use my wishlist for a reference to take elsewhere). When in doubt, support your local merchant (always a way to combat the Wal-Marts)

Here is a site that links to blue retailers. Here is the site that allows you to search companies contributions. Some of the criteria are confusing, some are based on executive. And here is a site with a handy list and printable pdf.

A couple of surprises on the lists? The surprising "red" corporation? H.J. Heinz Company--[2% Democrat / 98% Republican] I guess Teresa has no pull at all. And suprisingly "blue" – Amerada Hess--[94% Democrat / 6% Republican] I am astounded there is a major oil company with a breakdown like this. If you live on the East coast, buy all your gas at Hess stations! And buy every kid one of these (always a favorite of mine). Everyone else go to BP or Amoco (slight republican support as opposed to every other company that donates to Republicans in numbers similar to octane ratings).

You can feel good about supporting/shopping with: Barnes & Nobel; Bed, Bath & Beyond; Crate & Barrel; CVS; J. Crew; fly JetBlue; L.L. Bean; Mattel toys; Progressive Insurance; Sharper Image; Sony; Whole Foods; Toyota

Boycott: Applebee's; Ace Hardware; Brooks Pharmacy; Domino's pizza; ExxonMobil (special consideration among oil companies for atrocious environmental and human right record); Wal-Mart (surprisingly donated 22% to Dems, but still an evil empire)

Happy Shopping!

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