Thursday, March 10, 2005


Hard to believe this is the post that marks the return to the blog after nearly a month...but goddamn it, I'm pissed off!

I work at a College. Yeah, it may be down the road a bit from the "Harvard of the MidWest", and a Community College, but one would think that by the time one is attending College, one would have learned TO LIFT THE FUCKING SEAT ON THE TOILET!!!

Scratch that. The sheer volume of urine sprayed all over the seat and stall is evidence that this is no mere lazy "Oops, I was looking up and got some on the seat." This is a deliberate act of pure, rude, wanton vandalism. The Men's Room on my floor is beseiged daily by a fucking caveman who walks past no less than five urinals to enter the stall and foul the only available toilet. Every Fucking Day.

Expulsion for the student-asshole in question is too kind. They need the mother of all swirlies. There is almost nothing that inspires greater fantasies of vigilantism for me. A huge kick in the nuts before shoving this motherfucker's face into the filthy toilet while the water swirls about their screaming head... it's the least they deserve.

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Anonymous said...

I can't believe this is what gets you blogging again.

With how angry you are, i would have thought that the culprit was hanging flyers without taping down the bottom of the sheet.

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