Tuesday, January 31, 2006


I have the SOTU on in the background as I do some freelance work. I wasn't planning on watching, since it would likely piss me off, but I'll pay half attention and throw some thoughts down as we go...

It's been on for a while when I tune in, Bush is now talking about social security. He gets a decent joke in about his dad's two favorite people—him and Clinton. But the Dems get the last laugh with a raucous ovation when Bush scolds Congress for "failing to join him in saving social security." Oops.

Boilerplate about "nobody out-competing/producing the American worker"...

Bush breezes through his health care stuff and tosses out simple talking points that sound good at a glance; portability of health plans (good) and ability to buy individual plans at group rates (already exists for many—at least in Michigan). Really he barely gets into this, and hardly even mentions HSAs by name. Hardly a centerpiece, barely a mention. And only those in the know realize Bush is essentially throwing you to the wolves with his plan. Probably why he barely gets into it. For him, the less said, the better.

He's smoother than usual, but extra smirky.

Some crap about medical malpractice. And passing reform.

Declares that America is addicted to oil. My wife mentioned that he'd say that. His energy plan talks a good game, but I know better than to trust him. His boast "over the last five years, America has invested over $10 Billion on alternative forms of energy" is less money than Exxon's profits last quarter. He hypes new types of ethanol (promising), and zero-emission coal plants (a fantasy?).

He's filled with "I will propose..." followed by "doubling" or some massive increase or another of "spending" or "investing" throughout the speech. We all know none of this stuff will ever actually be appropriated or funded. Yawn.

Some stuff about immigration. They show Homeland Security honcho Chertoff clapping like he's the Swedish chef from 'The Muppet Show.' Are those his arms? Yikes.

Abortion at lowest level in decades. A lie? Does he mean for the duration of this speech?

Teenage moms down for twelve years? Sharing credit with Clinton?

"Activist courts redefine marriage..."

Reference to the "pessimists"

Thanks to O'Connor—she's not in attendance...

Human/animal hybrids? Is that on anybody's radar? What the fuck? I guess Dr. Moreau is the new Osama.

Ethics reform. Wasn't sure he'd go here.

Talking about Katrina reconstruction when the TiVo wants to change to record "The Closer" for my wife. I let it.

Whatever. From what I saw, I'd say it was a good performance by Bush with fairly empty material. I didn't get to see any Iraq, Iran or foreign policy stuff. Did he kiss Lieberman again?


DrewL said...

Didn't really want to watch it either for the same reason. Just listening to the same old crap just pisses me off to no end. After trying to avoid it, I finally broke down and watched it with my wife. At times, though, I had a hard time hearing the President's words as my wife yelled invective at him through the television. He had to have heard it!

S.W. Anderson said...

"Boilerplate about 'nobody out-competing/producing the American worker'... "

He's been including that line since the 2000 election campaign. The thing about it is, the fabled "level playing field" is always off in the indefinite future. Not unlike world peace or the holy grail, it's not something we ever close in on, much less achieve.

I take it we're supposed to believe that it's all in the quest, and that Bush is doing good work, since he's aware of the need and all.

ORF said...

"Extra smirky" Nice.

I missed it because I was sick in bed and although I did wake up around 9:00, I just rolled over and went back to sleep.

Anyway, I think emission-free coal plants is an oxymoron no matter how sophisticate science gets and hearing someone from Texas say he's addicted to oil is sort of a laugh. Especially since they've pushed so hard to open ANWR.

They was some muckety muck on NPR this morning critiquing the speech who commented that Bush offered up a lot of ideas, but no real way as to how he planned to fund any of them. I thought this to be the most salient thing I've heard about the SOTU yet.

Why does the president lie?

nyrev said...

Why does the president lie?

Because he hates our freedom.