Thursday, April 20, 2006

Stopping McCain

There's been a bit of a debate over the last week or so between some on our side about John McCain and what he truly represents. There's a lot to digest on McCain, but the more I see him, the more it is apparent he is an orthodox Conservative in Progressive Maverick clothing. In many, many ways a McCain Presidency would be nothing more than a slightly improved extension of the Bush Administration. We all know we cannot afford that. A commenter responding to Ezra's post at The American Prospect pretty much nails it:
If bloggers on the same liberal site can't agree on whether or not McCain's a conservative, then it's clear that a Democratic nominee wouldn't be able to effectively portray him as out of the mainstream--which is all the more reason why we need to hope he loses in the primary. The good news is that despite his fondling of Falwell the fundies still don't trust him.

Yup. We cannot really hope to beat McCain in the general election. Unless the Republican Party becomes completely radioactive by 2008 (unlikely), I can see McCain mowing down anyone the Dems send up to bat against him. He needs to be derailed in the primaries or he will be the next President.

More Reading: Greg at The Talent Show, Kevin Drum and the Chait TNR story that advances the notion McCain is a closet liberal...

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ORF said...

McCain would totally win. But if we derail him, let's at least do so without the help of flyers in SC that claim he had black babies, please?