Wednesday, July 05, 2006

D.O.W: Brian Kilmeade

[Here's a quick DOW since I was travelling at the end of last week.]

FOX and Friends co-host Brian Kilmeade is making his bid to join the "FOX News All-Stars." This loudmouth, sportscaster-wannabe-pundit was out leading the anti-NY Times charge and suggested that President Bush establish an "Office of Censorship."

Sure, dick, why not? You and all your buddies working in Bush's "Office of Propaganda" are already halfway there in your pursuit of a totally Soviet-style media/government dreamworld.

Oh, and here's a retroactive award for Kilmeade for the last week of February 2003. Once a dick, always a dick...

SIDEBAR: While waiting for the Tigers to come on yesterday, I had to listen to an hour of FOX Sports Radio. No Kilmeade or Chris Myers, but the two substitute jackasses filling in for the holiday definitely got their Office of Propaganda talking points: The "Sports Report" repeatedly hyped the space shuttle launch; gushed about the military and the GWOT; slammed Oliver Stone's "World Trade Center"; and here's the best part—in observance of the 4th they decided to compare U.S. Presidents with famous athletes. First up? Bill Clinton and Shawn Kemp. Because "they both like the ladies." Then they invited listeners to call in with their own suggestions and promptly hung up on the caller that compared Bush to John Rocker.

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Otto Man said...

Bush as John Rocker. Priceless.