Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Link Dump

Jack "The Bush-Ripper" Cafferty brings it on. Jack's packing an Olbermannesque editorial into caplet size on a nearly daily basis now. This one is worth a viewing.

Dollar Bill Jefferson. The corrupt Louisiana Democrat with ninety large in his freezer? Well, he won his House runoff election this past weekend and is ready to assume office once again, much to the dismay of the Democrats who DID run a candidate against him. There have been debates about how he should be handled—refuse to let him take office? Let him take office, then expel him? Do nothing? I think Mark Kleiman has it right.

And until then, Nancy Pelosi is taking the proper first step.

What's Behind Door Number Four? Pelosi blew this one however... She correctly bypassed Bush-hawk Jane Harmon and one-time corrupt judge Alcee Hastings for the top spot on the House Intelligence Committee, but her choice of Silvestri Reyes looks like a bad pick.

Pierced Earmarks Maybe the do-nothing Republicans should have finished a spending bill or two before bailing. Because now they get nothing:
The announcement was made last night by the incoming chairmen of the House and Senate Appropriations Committees, who also said they would impose a moratorium on new congressional earmarks, targeted appropriations for special projects in members' home districts. None would be part of the proposed funding resolution, killing hundreds that are pending in the unfinished spending bills.

Good for the Dems.

Drop By "The Neighborhood" Mike asks when is enough enough? A good discussion ensues...

12 Days... Clever T's fit in stockings...


Mike said...

Thanks for the plug, Furious.

Great vid from Cafferty. Man, he was a local news hack extraordinaire here in NY when I was growing up. No one expressed more anger as he reported on arsons, snow storms & missing kids than Jack.

But that was a helluva piece.

* * *

By the way, did you switch to Beta? I can't sign comments as "Mike" and link to my place anymore.

Mr Furious said...

Yeah i made the switch and I'm not sure I recommend it... No tangible advantage evident to me yet, and I am having some sign-in issues on other sites now as well (your place, Otto's etc...)

At least it's finally remembering me everywhere.