Thursday, February 15, 2007

Al's In

"Fucking Bad-ass."

Those are the words that crossed my lips after watching Al's announcement. He will win that race by a huge margin. The political climate has never been more ripe for a candidate like him, and Minnesota is the place for it to happen.

I can't wait.

Oh, and yes, that is the best-looking political website ever.

UPDATE: Okay. Talk about flying off the handle. Reading that post the next day is almost embarrassing. That post should make it obvious that I hoped Franken would run. I think he'd be a hoot in a campaign, but I really believe his presence will be beneficial and cathartic to the process. Plus, I really do believe he'd be a great Senator. And God knows the Democrats really need somebody with some personality. But in all seriousness, watch the video and tell me how he won't be a compelling candidate. He is sharp, insightful, personable, and obviously funny—but perhaps most importantly self-deprecating and genuine. He really is a breath of fresh air from politics (and politicians) as usual. Certainly there are Republicans who won't take him seriously because he's a comedian, but this isn't Howard Stern running for Governor, this is real. Certainly progressives will love him, Democrats will get behind him, and I see independents/undecided voters flocking to him as a change of pace.

Minnesota, after all, did elect "The Body."

I don't know who might oppose him in the primary, and what that means for Franken's realistic chances of advancing, but in the eventual matchup against Norm "the Rick Santorum of 2008" Coleman, I think Al will win going away.

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ORF said...

Al might indeed be an awesome Senator/candidate/whathaveyou, but I'm not sure I could ever think of him at a podium w/o recalling Stewart Smalley. I'm just sayin...