Saturday, January 10, 2009

Dick of the Week: Corky Simpson

Who the fuck is Corky Simpson and how the hell did he nab D.O.W. over Harry Reid?

Corky Simpson is a retired sportswriter. One who will henceforth be known as "The writer who didn’t vote for Rickey Henderson." Or, more generally, "the worst fucking sportswriter of all time."

Indeed, this is the first year that Rickey Henderson is on the ballot for the Hall of Fame. Henderson is arguably the greatest leadoff hitter in baseball history, and unquestionably one the best, most exciting, players in my lifetime. There should be no question that he should walk straight into the Hall of Fame, and then easily steal whichever spot he chooses for his plaque. No writer with a ballot has any reason to leave his name off. None. Not based on actual baseball anyway. But here's the thing...
No one has ever received every vote in the history of BBHoF voting. Not Babe Ruth, not Ty Cobb, not Tom Seaver, not Willie Mays, not Jackie Robinson, not Nolan Ryan, not Cal Ripken, Jr., not Cy Young.

Uh Oh. Sounds like the perfect reason for some holier than thou jackass writer to "protect the legacy" of the Hall and leave Henderson off, just to keep him from being the first unanimous selection...
But every writer was putting Henderson on their ballot, usually followed by the words “no-brainer.” Could it be done? Could Rickey make HoF history? I was getting kinda excited.

And then, I got to the ballot of the Award-Winning Corky Simpson - who, you guessed it … didn’t vote for Rickey Henderson.

So, is Simpson deliberately playing spoiler and screwing Henderson? I mean, he must be. He even voted for the extremely-poor man's Rickey—Tim Raines. Obviously he must be making a point. Maybe he's one of those dicks who won't vote for guys the first year on the ballot...nope, he voted for Matt Williams—a guy who should buy a ticket to get in. (To Simpson's credit, he DID vote for Jim Rice.)

Writers get ten slots on their ballots, and Simpson wrote eight names down—and then he submitted his ballot. With two blank slots. And no Rickey.

Amazingly, worse than the omission, is Simpson's excuse...
I screwed up on the Henderson nonvote,” said Simpson, who detailed his choices in a Dec. 10 column for the Green Valley News. “You get to vote on 10 and I only picked eight. I probably did it too quickly.”

Take away his privileges. Right. Fucking. Now.

Seriously. Only a handful of people have the authority to cast HOF ballots. They should do so with due diligence and impartiality. This fossil employed neither. Clearly I spent more time on this blog post than he did considering his HOF ballot.

There are only three possible genuine reasons for this, because the "oversight" is a load of shit. A play for attention—and he's getting it; Deliberately spoiling the unanimous induction, but not having the balls to admit it; Or racism. I can't think of anything else.


A list of all the HOF votes cast so far.

MORE: Deadspin, Flannel Boy, Pinto.

I came across a fantastic photo of Henderson's outstretched 1982 Oakland A's gloves hitting second, and a Bill James quote, so I combined 'em...


Mike said...

Henderson is arguably the greatest leadoff hitter in baseball history


Unanimous or not, he's getting in. As to Raines, he should make it too. Don't agree with you on Rice, but your a Sox fan, so you have an excuse. ;-)

Speaking of the Sox, the wv is "curse"

Mike said...

Your ---> you're.

Mr Furious said...

Rice vs. Rickey as HOFers is the best example of the need for a two-tiered Hall of Fame (or more as advocated by Bill Simmons).

Rice is a borderline player who, if he gets in, will do so on his 15th and final year on the ballot. Rickey is a guy that deserved a unanimous selection the second he unlaced his spikes.

I'm not saying I support some wacky new HOF, but the best way to separate a player like Henderson from Rice in the Hall is to ensure Rickey gets a unanimous vote the first time out. That's why Simpson is such a fucking tool.

Chris Howard said...

Yes, that's ridiculous. There are any number of guys who ought to be unanimous selections. The fact that there haven't been any is an indictment of the whole stupid system.

Mr Furious said...

The fact that there has never been a unanimous selection is proof taht too many writers think of themselves as bigger than the game or the Hall. If you can't put your own baggage aside when considering a player for the Hall of Fame abstain or give up your ballot.

Simpson's excuse that this has happened before is just noting that other assholes have pulled the same shit—not that it is valid.

Willie Mays, Hank Aaron and Jackie Robinson? I think it's pretty clear why they didn't get 100% of the vote. Others? Ted Williams? A legendary poor relationship with the petty reporters paid him back.

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