Wednesday, October 20, 2010

'Bout Freaking Time

NPR cans Juan "Not really a liberal but I play one on FOX News" Williams. Not sure why this particular incident was the final straw, but he deserves it nonetheless.


Smitty said...

Your comment on Bookface is right on. The mouthbreathers get to rant their "viewpoint" and Juan sits on his hands instead of calling them out. Instead of, you know, reporting facts.

You are so right; news has become a series of views on a topic, actual facts be damned. It then lends credibility to viewpoints that aren't based in fact whatsoever.

And that he says he's scared when a Muslim, according to their own religious beliefs, identifies as a Muslim FIRST while CHOOSING to remain dressed in Muslim garb on a plane?? That's stupid in every way. The terrorists on Sept. 11 dressed like secular westerners. As did the Shoebomber. And if it's the clothes they wear that freaks you out, Juan, then great. I am freaked out by people who wear crucifixes and crosses. I am scared to death they'll engage me in snake-handling.

Bob said...

"I am freaked out by people who wear crucifixes and crosses."

Or expect some boy on boy fun.