Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Baseball: All-Star Ballot

Just filled out my online ballot for the MLB All-Star Game.

American League:
1B - David Ortiz, Red Sox (write-in)
2B - Alfonso Soriano, Rangers
SS - Carlos Guillen, Tigers
3B - Alex Rodriguez, Yankees
C - Pudge Rodriguez, Tigers
OF - Carlos Beltran, Royals
OF - Vlad Guerrero, Angels
OF - Manny Ramirez, Red Sox

National League:
1B - Jim Thome, Phillies
2B - Jeff Kent, Astros
SS - Jack Wilson, Pirates
3B - Scott Rolen, Cardinals
C - Mike Piazza, Mets
OF - Barry Bonds, Giants
OF - Ken Griffey Jr, Reds
OF - Lance Berkman, Astros

I'll suggest some reserves and pitchers when we get a little closer.

Welcome back, Junior. I was roundly mocked when I drafted him this year for my fantasy squad, "Is it 1998?"

It is amazing that the Tigers have as many legit guys that should start in the All-Star Game as the Yankees or Red Sox. When the young pitching comes of age, this stands to be a pretty good team, ala the Mariners a few years back.

This is also the first time I am actively supporting a SS other than Nomar. Guillen or Michael Young deserve to start this year, and I'm sorry to say Nomar should be watching from home. If Boston fans are gonna stuff ballot boxes, they should be helping out David Ortiz rather than Nomar and Pokey Reese (both currently second at their positions).

There are too many Yankees leading the voting. You might expect to hear that from me every year, but this year it's particularly true. Nearly everybody on the team is having a down year so far. Giambi doesn't deserve to start ahead of Ortiz or Frank Thomas. I won't complain too much about Jeter. I mean, he is Derek Jeter, and with A-Rod at third, and Nomar coming off an injury, this isn't ridiculous, but both Young and Guillen are having better seasons.


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I think you need a job.

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