Monday, June 13, 2005

Misc: The Secret Life of Bees

Went looking for info on the bees buzzing around my front porch and back deck. Turns out they are carpenter bees. The males are the ones that hover around and annoy you, but they can't sting. The females can, but never do, because they're too busy in the neat little half-inch holes they've drilled all over my fascia boards. It seems they are merely a nuisance and not a structural threat. Now that I know they won't sting my daughter, and they are not social (ie: the four or five I see, are the only ones there) and pose no threat to my house, I just have to decide how long I can put up with the sawdust on my deck and their nasty shit streaks on my trim...

Oh, and in my search I found this great site. Extremely informative, and pretty entertainingly written. I now know more about bees, ants and squirrels than I ever need too. And I was afraid to even check out the rat or roach pages. If you live in South Jersey, they should be your exterminator.

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