Thursday, August 04, 2005

BS: (lack of) Intelligent Design

Obviously there has been a ton of stuff flying around about teaching "Intelligent Design" in schools alongside evolution in science class. Why the silence on a topic so clearly worthy of my wrath? I've not had much to say (write) simply because this is a topic I need both hands to tackle -- literally. As long as I am typing one-handed this bullshit is one topic that will have to wait for the rant it deserves.

So for now, enjoy the picture and the writings of others: Otto Man who supplied the photo in his post. WaPo, John Cole over and over and over again. Others: Obsidian Wings, bad astronomy and Pharyngula (whatever the hell that is).

UPDATE: Panda's Thumb has a tremendous list of links. Just head over there if you feel like immersing youself in the ignorance-pandering of the Moron in Chief.

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