Friday, August 05, 2005

Music: Friday Random Ten or Saved by Neil Schon

"Little Earthquakes" Tori Amos
"Living With The Law" Chris Whitley
"Moon" dada
An amazing stretch with three of my all-time favorite songs in a row. Now, my iTunes is set up to give preference to higher-rated songs, but that's still pretty good. Skippable stuff still comes up often enough ("Woodstock '94" being a leading contributor)...
"Let Me Love You Baby" SRV
"Evidence Of Autumn" Genesis
"Julie Paradise" Screaming Trees
"Only A Fool" Black Crowes
"Headphones" Bjork (sorry, skip...)
"Savoy" Jeff Beck (skip again, from "Guitar Shop," a depressingly crappy album I once thought was cool)
"La Do Da [live]" Journey (Ah, my penance is over, the '70s save me again...)

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