Wednesday, November 22, 2006


The only thing you need to read about Michael Richards' racist freakout. [scroll down for the "update"]


Mike said...

Good call, Furious. That's a damn strong bit o' writing from Lower Manhattanite. He nailed all the angles, including the oft-overlooked fact that Richards is NOT funny.

Good at playing a clown on Seinfeld, but not really a funny guy. Whatever.

Have a great Thanksgiving, by the way.

Mr Furious said...

Thanks. You too.

Smitty said...

That much hate comes from deep inside. When you freak out and say all sorts of mean stuff, that meanness is somewhere in you, supressed. For insance, I highly doubt that when the Dalai Lama goes to Washington DC again next April for his annual "Free Tibet" speech, and he's basically ignored for the 30th time in a row, that he will stand up and fly into a rageful screaming bit about honkies, stiff white collars and latent homosexuality. He just doesn't have that in him.

I realize that's an extreme example, but so is Richards' case. And Mel's for that matter. When your brain leaves you...meaning when your Censor leaves you, like when you're really stupid hammered or freaked-out and failing, grasping desperately, you say and do the things that are truly deep within you.

So Mel's drunken outburst and now Richards' desparate outburst show that deep-down, they are racist. They have a racist tendency. The best apology, then, i not the wrote, scripted apoloy from Mel nor the equally-outburstish "apology" from Richards, but instead is to say "I am sorry that I obviously hold onto outmoded and hurtful ideals deep within me, and I will endeavor to learn why I feel this way and endeavor to change it. My own nature seeks harm and injustice, and that's wrong."