Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Today's the Day

While walking the dog this morning I was greeted with this sign:


On the way back home, my neighbors and their baby piled out of the car, flashing their "I Voted" stickers at me.

I am exhilarated about voting today. I don't know what will things will look like tomorrow, but I cannot wait to do my part and cast the ballot. I was going to vote on the way home from work, but I'm not sure I can wait that long...

Oh, and those "Fire the Republicans" stickers I mentioned several weeks back? I gave some away, and put the rest all over my car. Even on the sides. Combined with the other stuff on my car, I'm cruising town like a MoveOn.org-sponsored NASCAR.

I'll make some predictions later on. I've already thrown out my Lieberman scenarios here. Others? John Cole & Co.; entertaining ones from TBogg;


UPDATE In a trumped-up display of "I don't care about fucking polls" Dick Cheney is going hunting today. Wow, that guys got fucking ice water Prestone coursing through his veins cyborg cooling system.

Nowhere could I find what he'll be hunting, but you can be sure Harry Whittington is on Mediterranean cruise. As for Cheney's trip, I'm hoping it turns out something like this...

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Smitty said...

Hey Mr. F. I put some election day pundit bullshit guesswork on my site if you're interested. Or anyone else that reads your blog.

I base these half-assed predictions on averages between extreme polls and averages between rumors I get from both Republican and Democrat campaign managers.