Thursday, March 08, 2007

Links or Patties? Links, please.

Just because I'm hardly blogging these days doesn't mean I haven't been reading. I meant to expand on some of these, and may yet, but in the meantime, here are some of the better things I've read over the last week or two...

No Decency, No Shame
Hilzoy at Obsdian Wings writes the definitive piece (with the help of two links) on the veteran's health care / Walter Reed fucking fiasco.

How Dick Cheney Helped Al Qaeda
Hunter over at Daily Kos penned a fantastic piece a couple weeks ago about Cheney—ripping him for his false bravado and abject failure in the War on Terror. One of the best thing I've read at Kos in a long-ass time.

This Week’s KSK Mock Draft:
TV Characters We’d Like to Murder

Yes, that's exactly what it sounds like. Mike and Otto Man do yeoman's work in the comments. Since I was the 85th commenter, I was pleased to find that Chaka had slipped that far.

Privitization Kills
Tim F. at Balloon Juice has a great post on Walter Reed and how fucked-up, Bush "conservative" ideology trumped caring for wounded soldiers. Money quote:
Let this sink in for a moment. Iraq, the singular focus of this administration’s obsessive attention, was run in such a way as to practically guarantee failure. Successfully doing the job unambiguously ranked lower on the priority list than preserving the maximum possible ideological purity.

Read it.

While you're at Balloon Juice, check out this thread on the U.S. Attorney flap, The Credibility Gap, where I just pummell frequent troll/nemesis Darrell in the comments. (If I do say so myself...)

In Front Of Our Nose
An older (pre-verdict) column by Andrew Sullivan on Cheney and Libby. Still worth checking out.

And Salon's honorary Oscar goes to... Alec Baldwin! I got no problem with that. Baldwin has long been one of those pleasant surprises in films (and SNL) for me. no longer a leading man (if he really was one) he has sort of become this era's premiere character actor. What I've seen of him on "30 Rock", which admittedly is just YouTube, is pure genius. An of course, there's always "PUT. THAT. COFFEE. DOWN..."


Mike said...

Linked via a comment! I kinda like it though.

How's fatherhood, version 2.0, been treating you?

Mike said...

Oh . . . and good call on Chaka. Fuckin' little twirp.

Otto Man said...

Alec Baldwin is a true American hero. "30 Rock" is fast becoming one of my favorites.