Monday, March 26, 2007

Their Own Worst Enemy...

This is fairly depressing.
The Enemy Within
The Democrats' most dangerous opponent in '08 may be their own campaign consultants, who charge far more than GOP strategists -- and deliver far less


2008 has the makings of a banner year for Democrats. The wave of discontent that swept the GOP from Congress last November is growing, and the Iraq debacle will make it difficult for Republicans to retain the White House. But there is one group of powerful Washington insiders who have a proven ability to derail the Democrats. Working behind the scenes, these top-tier operatives humiliated Mike Dukakis in a tank, muzzled Al Gore on the environment and portrayed John Kerry -- a lifelong crusader for gun control -- as a rifle-toting Rambo. Year after year they have made sure that the Democratic message comes across as little more than a fuzzy, focus-grouped drone about child tax credits, prescription-drug plans and the "fight for working families."

And here's the depressing news: The Democrats pay them millions to do it.

As long as Bob Shrum doesn't get a penny it's an improvement, but this system is pretty annoying. We are already starting out with less money and a less-friendly media, then we have to pay more for worse strategy? Governor Dean, or someone, put a stop to this. Flat fees. No commissions. The first candidate to tell these fucking clowns to jump in a lake gets a long, hard look from me.

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Toast said...

Here's a great way to get Campaign '08 on track: Ban James Carville from all Democratic events.