Monday, May 05, 2008

What he said...

Yesterday, while stuck in an airport I watched the most inane conversation and "analysis" between Wolf Blitzer and his panel of expert morons, and just shook my head at the garbage they treat as important and the shallowness of the treatment of issues.

It's fucking awful, and if (when?) Obama loses at either stage of this election it will be due less to his abuse at the hands of Hillary Clinton than to the disservice of what poses for the press.

In six minutes, Bill Moyers speaks more truth and explains more fully the complexity of Rev Wright and the whole tempest surrounding him and Obama than the entire 24-hour cable and internet news media could manage in six weeks.

If only we could have more coverage and analysis like this:


Heather said...

Hey! Congrats, right?

Did you see Obama on Meet the Press yesterday? He LOOKED tired, but was amazing. Really. But I'm hoping he has like 87 Red Bulls before he goes on something like that again. If he's whupped now how's he going to deal with being President?

Mr Furious said...

Sitting across from Pumpkinhead and dealing with his exhaustive bullshit would suck the wind out of anyone.