Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Tell It To Her, Scott

When I saw this picture today, accompanying a completely unrelated story, I just about lost my shit. Appallingly, I've seen worse photos before, but this one struck me today and made me think immediately about the ongoing "book tour of redemption" by Scott McClellan.

Much has been written in the last day about the "tell-all" memoir by the former White House professional liar. I don't have much to say beyond "Fuck him. I hope he rots in Hell."

I could alternate several other words between the stream of obscenities that would flow from my fingers, but it pretty much boils down to this: Scott McClellan, you stood before the country and knowingly told lies on behalf of The Worst Administration Ever. On every possible topic. Untold thousands died as a result. And you did nothing to stop it. You are a coward of the first order and the fact that you admit this now, only in order to make a buck off it, repulses me even more.

Many writers have referenced the death of American troops and the debt McClellan owes them and their families—don't get me wrong, he is an accessory in every one of their deaths—but they are soldiers...This innocent little girl and thousands like her, never enlisted for what you helped unleash upon them.

Scott McClellan, take a good look at that child and realize that you personally helped put every single one of those sutures in her face.

Your punishment should be a tour as an IED scout in Iraq. Not so you can die, but so you can shit your pants every fucking day that you might. All the while I hope that girl's horribly mangled face haunts you every single night. And when you make it through your tour in Iraq, you return home only to be crushed to death by a palette of your unsold books.

[photo from The Atlantic, by Ahmad al Rubaye/AFP/Getty]


Smitty said...

I gotta tell you, Mr. F., your read on this is a breath of fresh air. Everyone but everyone, my beloved NPR included, is treating McClellen's book like some scandalous expose'. Like a grounds-eye view of the incompetence of the Administration.

Well gee, thanks Scott. There's no less than 20 other books just as scathing as yours.

Another indication of just how craven he is is the reaction of his former colleagues. This includes Pastyface Doughboy's assessment that "if Scott had a problem before, he never spoke up to the rest of us."

Well no shit...because your administration just fires people who disagree. But worse....Doughboy is right. Scott didn't speak up. That's exactly the problem. He lied, knew it, and did it with a fucking smirk.

S.W. Anderson said...

I think McClellan knew enough in '02 to realize people he had admired were arrogant, deceitful SOB's. He should've resigned in disgust then.

I doubt McClellan carries around guilt feelings about innocents like the injured child in the photo. He probably rationalizes that many innocents were spared from ending up in Saddam's prisons and rape rooms.

I suspect McClellan does carry around some feelings of remorse, maybe even self-loathing, for the gap in time between when he realized he was considered just a useful stooge by Bush, Cheney, Rove and the rest, and the time he finally got up the cojones to leave.

Mr Furious said...

I think there is probably something to escaping the groupthink in a situation like that and realizing what you are a part of, and then I think there is probably an almost Mafia-like culture you need to escape from, but the fact of the matter is, he is culpable to me and nothing he's said this week approaches an apology.

Not that I've heard anyway.

He's on Olbermann tonight. I'm curious to see what happens.

Anonymous said...

He said that he 'unknowingly' passed on false info regarding the Plame issue. Also don't forget it was Ari 'master of fuckhead smirk' Fleischer who did the lying at the onset of the war NOT Scott.

I empathize (-2 spelling) with your rage but he came in after the shit storm of our unjustified occupation was being shoveled into the fan.

The way you write this post, you sound as if you think it was him responsible, really, this kind of rage should be at Bush for lying in the first place about Saddam's immediate threat. AND Colin Powell for repeating that shit in front of the UN, not Scott. Although yes, Scott's role was important.

Deb said...

I somehow doubt Mr. F is holding back any rage for Bush or the rest of his cronies, but instead, has managed to save a nice slice for McClellan.

I watched him last night on Anderson Cooper, and I wanted to throw things at the screen. He's a slime. Not just because he was complicit in the administration's lies, but because he didn't bother speaking up about them until he thought he could make money from his confessions. He comes off like a big whiner and actually makes the Bush clowns more credible, because they can point to him and say, "Well, gee... you believe this guy? He clearly has no morals."