Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Big Dog Allowed

We've seen the worst of Bill Clinton these past few months, Tonight, we saw the best. And it's mighty good.
Andrew Sullivan, noted Clinton-hater.

Yeah. It was that good. And Kerry gave the speech of his life tonight as well. Biden was strong, and then Obama brought it home with his cameo. All I could think is, "Who the fuck is voting against this?" And, "What can the GOP pull that can outdo this?"

Which inevitably leads to, "What the fuck is the matter with this country that this is even a race?"


Rickey Henderson said...

You liked Kerry? Really? To Rickey, he seemed like the tired ghost of christmas past, especially when he'd try to get the audience to chant along with him. They didn't seem all that into it.

Clinton's speech was last night was absolutely terrific however. Give him his set of steak knives and the Cadillac, because the man is a closer, plain and simple. Watching that speech, Rickey was reminded of the better parts of the 2004 Convention (which for obvious reasons, Rickey was far more excited for compared to this one).

As far as what's wrong with the country that this is even a race... Rickey's really hoping that the media is making this out to be more of a horse race than it actually is. Otherwise we're biblically fucked.

Bob said...

I would say I like Kerry's speech over Clinton's. Clintons was more about Bill.

I probably liked Kerry's more becuase it contained all of the red meat, "fuck-off" comments that political hack liberals like me wish Democrats would say more often. It was essentually: "you don't have shit to offer, so you wave the flag, bomb more countries and claim that as an 8 year old Obama was friends with a domestic terrorist, well kiss my ass." It was the speech Kerry should have given when he was running for President.

The second best speech was Beau Biden's introduction of his dad. That shit buys votes.

Rickey Henderson said...

True, Kerry's speech did slam the GOP pretty nicely. Perhaps Rickey's just a bit bitter seeing Kerry making speeches again...

Here's to hoping that Obama's speech tonight at the pantheon is a good one.

Mr Furious said...

I didn't SEE either speech, I heard them in the car. Not in their entirety either, I have to catch up and check em out online. But I was loving what I heard.

Clinton is indeed a closer. It's why he HAD to speak. And I didn;t think Kerry had that in him. I suspect he's more comfortable in the role of surrogate than self-promoter/defender. He landed a LOT of blows on McCain and the GOP.

And Biden (who I saw) really nailed the "we're mad as hell and not gonna take it anymore" theme. It wasn't his best delivery, but he was strong and forceful. Overall it was a night of ballsy, confident, assertive, take-back-the-narrative stuff, and I was loving every minute of it.

Smitty said...

Kerry's speech should be made into a series of anti-McCain commercials. Plain and simple.

After Michelle's speech, Hillary's speech, Biden's speech and Slick Willie's speech, will the MSM FINALLY stop trying to proive that there is disunity in the Dem poarty? Will they FINALLY stop second-guessing every gesture? Most importantly: will they hold the Republican convention to this same level of scrutiny? I doubt it, fucking hacks. Jesus Christ, even Steve Inskeep on NPR is being a republican-bought mouthpiece.

Bob's right: Beau Biden's intro is what wins campaigns. And up there in the stands is the most Irish-sounding Irish Catholic old lady embodied in Biden's mom, and he quoted her worldly wisdom gratuitously and it was wonderful.

BTW...Beau Biden was wearing a flag pin. Just sayin'.

I am crossing my fingers for Obama's speech tonight.

The only thing I have liked out of the MSM's coverage of the convention is Olberman's drooling sycophancy of every speaker the Dems have put up thus far. He's a partisan hack...but he's OUR partisan hack.

steves said...

I would say I like Kerry's speech over Clinton's. Clintons was more about Bill.

Me too. Kerry's was more substantive and Clinton's was more about Clinton.

What the fuck is he matter with this country that this is even a race?

There are still plenty of issue where reasonable minds may differ on. Set that aside and there are plenty where unreasonable minds may differ and the reality is that not everyone agrees on everything. I do understand your ethusiasm, though. I thought the same thing about Clinton back in the 90's, though I am not happy with his replacement.

What can the GOP pull that can outdo this?

Nothing. I suppose they could scrap McCain and nominate a conservative that can articulate a reasonable foreign policy and show some fiscal restraint and respect the Constitution, but they haven't done this at any point in this election cycle.