Monday, August 11, 2008

Edwards Part 2: Electric Boogaloo

The Rude Pundit has perhaps the best analysis of this whole situation (he certainly has the most graphic and profane). The Rude One posits that the Party elders knew all about this shit, and there was never a real danger of Edwards becoming the nominee. I'm not sure I'd go that far, but he nails just about everything else—especially the bullshit of trying to tie this fiasco in any way to Obama or the Democraic brand.

The column is also the source to this article which features this absolutely clueless and completely self-absorbed quote from Rielle Hunter, the other woman...
Asked about Elizabeth Edwards, who is unusually well-liked by political operatives and reporters, Hunter told reporter Jonathan Darman, "She does not give off good energy. ... I've only met her once.... She didn't make eye contact with me."

Um, perhaps because you were fucking her husband?!?! And maybe having terminal cancer along with an unfaithful spouse was dragging down her "good energy."


Smitty said...

She does not give off good energy. ... I've only met her once.... She didn't make eye contact with me

Ah yes. The vapid temptress casting herself as better than Edwards' wife.

But how this is in any way connected to Obama is silly, or even to Dems. I'm glad that somehow the McCain camp is sane enough to stay away from this...

...but they don't need to get involved. The MSM is doing it for them. Jesus Christ.

michelline said...

Actually, I almost wish the McCain camp would make a big deal out of it. Then we could bring up his own fidelity in response. :)

Although for his wife and kids' sake, I'm glad they aren't making too big a deal out of it.

PS - my verification word is hpbbpr, which is what Elizabeth can say to the homewreaking hussy.

Rickey Henderson said...

What a foul wench. Oh, and Rickey hates hates hates people who judge other on their ability to make eye contact. If Rickey wants to have an entire conversation with a coworker while staring directly at their bosoms, then that's Rickey's business.