Monday, April 06, 2009

“Who Are The Ad Wizards Who Came Up With THAT One?”

So Mrs F has been telling me all about how great the new little sliders* at Burger King are—"They're fantastic! I'm gonna look 'em up right now."

[Reaches for laptop, types "Burger Shot" into Google.]

"What?" I ask in response to her astonished expression.

"'Urban Dictionary' says a burger shot is..."

Hysterical laughter ensues. Neither of us has ever heard of that phrase before, but still cannot believe that's what Burger King went with.

*I hate that term—it's totally unappetizing to me—whether it's White Castle or Bobby Flay using it.


Toast said...

Your link to "burger shot" is broken.

Smitty said...

From now on, ad agencies should be forced to review Urban Dictionary to assure that their new edgy product name won't be the butt of endless jokes.

Nah, what fun would that be?

Smitty said...

Oh, and I plan to tell Stabenow she sucks, but in a little nicer way than simply "you suck." It's how I plan to start the meeting.

DED said...

Probably the same guys that gave NBC/Universal "SyFy" for the Sci-Fi Channel.

Mrs Furious said...


SyFy is fucking ridiculous

Afrit007 said...

I still want to know who decided to call it the "Tea Bag Revolution".

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Piece of advice on a similar note: Don't ever agree to buy a "rusty trombone" from a stranger unless you're both standing inside a musical instrument shop.