Wednesday, August 05, 2009

New Music: My Old, Familiar Friend

Brendon Benson has a new album coming out in two weeks, but you can hear the whole thing now on NPR. As co-frontman of the greatest band alive, obviously I'm a fan of Benson, but his solo work is different from the Raconteurs—and depending on your tastes, better. Benson is arguably a stronger songwriter/lyricist than Jack White, and it's his influence that makes the Raconteurs so great as a sum of already excellent parts.

Anyway, check My Old, Familiar Friend. I haven't listened yet...But I'm going to now.

UPDATE: It rocks.

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Smitty said...

I have been looking to move out of the musical corner I have painted myself into, and you and George from INOTBB seem to throw enough good stuff out there that I should take advantage of it. Now I just need to get off the stick and download some of this stuff...embrace it...

Hey, yours truly was just highlighted in a Lansing-area e-zine! Guess what I was talking about... I put it on ATK.