Friday, August 14, 2009

Total Screw-Up

Actual Conservative and noted supply-sider Bruce Bartlett pens a column ripping everything wrong with the country and the economy, from health care to the fiascos on Wall Street to the Iraq War and fixes the blame squarely where it belongs—on the Republican party and George W. Bush most of all. Very well-done, thorough, and extremely satisfying to read, Bartlett's piece, "The GOP's Misplaced Rage" should be the first thing you hand that annoying Republican uncle when you want him to STFU.

Too bad for the GOP, the party is so far gone this should-be wake-up call will go unheard or sneeringly ignored.


John Howard said...

So, where is it?

Mr Furious said...


Bob said...

Good article. Your mean there are still conservatives out there who can discuss things rationally? Notice he is still a supply-sider and a conservative, but no longer a Republican?

I also thought it was interesting hat he said that tax increases (at least of the previous magnitude) don’t hurt the economy.

Bob said...

Here's another Bartlett good one: