Tuesday, November 03, 2009


That is all.


Toast said...


Mr Furious said...

"Fuck The Fucking Yankees."

Although, in a sense, I'm just going through the motions...what's funny is I don't really have the same animosity towards this team as in the past. Too many likable guys, and they've purged many of the guys I hated most.

Last night was a big win (obviously) for Philly, and the game 6 Pedro v Pettitte could be a thriller. Could very well go 7, and I wouldn't have said that before.

Smitty said...

My maternal side of the family all hail from Philly.

So yeah, FTFY.

And also, FTFPh, on occasion. Brotherly love, yadda yadda.

Mike said...

Yeah, that about sums it up for me as well: