Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Dick of the Week: Dennis Kucinich

Leaning No: Will Kucinich Become
The Ralph Nader Of Health Care Reform?

[TPM link] But one of the House's leading progressives says he's unlikely to be swayed. Rep. Dennis Kucinich (D-OH) voted against the House health care bill. And his office confirmed to me today that he remains opposed to the Senate bill.

Last week, there were some signs that Kucinich might be persuadable. At a White House meeting Thursday, President Obama apprised Kucinich of a measure in the Senate health care bill--authored by Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT)--that allow individual states to create single payer systems several years down the line. Kucinich was said to be interested in the provision.

Apparently not interested enough.

[...] But there is some chance, however small, that Kucinich will cast the deciding vote. And for the time being, he's saying he'd rather be the Ralph Nader of reform, instead of its kingmaker.

Patron Saint of the Firebaggers. Assholes on the left insisting on purity from the party are as bad as the extreme wingers on the GOP side.

It's this or nothing, Dennis, you prick. Shut the fuck up, vote "Yes" and work to improve things. But then, I suppose Nadering the bill now will help burnish your creds with the idiots who support your next Quixotic Presidential run.


Toast said...


steves said...

I used to have a fair amount of respect for Kucinich, but if he is going to take this approach, he is falling fast. There are some things that people shouldn't compromise on, but there are others that you should if you want to accomplish anything.

Mr Furious said...

It's more important to him to remain pure and not a sell-out to his worshipers on the far left, than it is to deliver health care reform—flawed as it is—to millions of struggling Americans and probably a huge percentage of his actual Cleveland constituency.

This preening is probably all for show, and if it came down to his vote he would chicken out and vote yes, but by doing this he offers cover for others to waver. Pro-life dicks like my Rep Heath Shuler can say with a straight face that "even Dennis Kucinich opposes the Senate bill!"

Bob said...

Dennis Kucinich is a POS.

Smitty said...

I have lost the ability to respond rationally to this type of bullshit any more. If I really replied what I thought, it would be a string of obscenities.

Rickey Henderson said...

One would think that someone stricken with Gnome's Disease would be more gung-ho about health care. Apparently not.