Thursday, November 18, 2004

Bush: In or Out? National Security Edition

I might have used the old "Who's Hot/Not" format, but Ezra at Pandagon sums it up like this...
In or Out? National Security Edition

In: Condoleeza Rice
Accomplishments: National Security Advisor during first stateside attack since Pearl Harbor. Had been preparing to give a speech on 9/11 declaring a national missile shield the country's number one defense priority. Did not catch the Niger uranium lie (See Hadley, Steven). Characterized the August 6th PDB as a "historical document".

Out: Colin Powell
Accomplishments: Enormously popular and experienced public servant. Deeply respected by the Europeans. Discomfort and warnings re: Iraq now seem prescient.

In: Alberto Gonzalez
Accomplishments: Loyal to Bush. Judged the suspension of the Geneva Conventions legally justifiable and desirable, thus helping America down the road towards its greatest national embarrassment in recent memory.

Out: John Ashcroft
Accomplishments: Excellent singer, crafted the PATRIOT Act. Was amenable to Russ Feingold's civil liberty concerns, but overruled by the White House.

In: Stephen Hadley
Accomplishments: Told by Tenet that the Niger claims were weak and shouldn't be used by the President. Neglected to tell either Bush or Condi.

Out: Dick Armitage
Accomplishments: Extensive overseas combat experience, both in Vietnam and Iran. Oversaw diplomatic and negotiating missions with Europe, the Soviet Union and the Middle East.

Kind of makes you understand how the guy traded Sammy Sosa, doesn't it?

Yup. Luckily the Rangers were only armed with bats and 90mph fastballs.

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