Friday, November 05, 2004

Politics: Howard Told Us So

Reading the whole Juan Cole/gay marriage thing reminded me about why I supported Dean so strongly. Now this isn't going to be a "Howard Dean would have been better than Kerry" post. I'm not saying Howard Dean wouldn't have gotten his ass kicked if he were the nominee, he probably would have. He couldn't pull it off in the primaries and he wouldn't have in the election, but he has been proven correct every step of the way over the last two years.

This gay marriage issue is just another specific thing that Howard Dean had right a year and a half ago. Dean really had the whole government/marraige point exactly right. Dean believes pretty much just what Cole outlines below, and used it as the basis to legalize civil unions in Vermont.

He was also right that the Rebulicans would use "God, gays and guns" as a wedge to win the election. He was right about the War, the capture of Saddam, you name it. Too bad the guy who could see the landscape best ended up marginalized...

Any flaws as a candidate are stellar traits for the new Democratic Party Chairman, and he should get the job.

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