Thursday, April 21, 2005

Misc: Life at BJU

This is great. Look over these rules for life on campus at Bob Jones University. Hilarious. Now I obviously expect some strict religious stuff, but they even require you to keep your dorm room clean! Highlights:
• Students are required to be in their own rooms and quiet at 11 pm. All lights must be out by midnight.

• Students are required to keep their rooms clean and neat. Rooms are inspected daily.

• All wireless access to the Internet is forbidden since all Internet use must go through the University's filtered access.

• Music must be compatible with the University's music standards: New Age, jazz, rock, and country music is not permitted. [Even] Contemporary Christian music is not permitted (e.g., Michael W. Smith, Stephen Curtis Chapman, WOW Worship, and so forth).

• Residence hall students may not watch videos above a G rating when visiting homes in town and may not attend movie theaters.

Oh, and you can bring your handgun to school, but it needs a trigger lock. But don't bring any video game that contains a gun... I love it. What kid would agree to go here?

[ADDENDUM]: I will give them this... The school has one of the nicest college/academic websites I've seen. Really. It's terrific. Easy to use and gorgeous. Maybe I should convert and go for my Masters in Graphic Design...

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Anonymous said...

bju sucks i went there for a semester and they kicked me out for
1. going to Hollister
2. lying to a teacher
3. going to the wrong chapel

bju is the worst place you can possibly go to it really really really SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
if you think bj sucks or you want to send me a comment send it to