Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Politics: No Quarter

There are rumors afoot about a Democratic compromise on the filibuster showdown. I can only hope they are groundless, because the Dems would complete fools to offer anything to the Republicans on this. Ezra says "no way." The Carpetbagger is amenable to the "Drum Compomise," barely. George T in the Carpetbagger comments thread has more:
This is the time to take the stand, and it makes me angry that we, the Dems, are still using the old mind-set that comity and reason stand for something in our political environment. That mind-set is dead until at least the time that the Dems take back the White House and the Congress. Until then, we are morons of the lowest order to turn our backs on these thugs and believe we won’t get fucked. Give in or fight, those are the choices. Just like on the school yard, those who give in to Bully may be pitied but never respected or followed; at least get bloodied in a fight with the Bully, you get respected and, even if you lose today, tomorrow you may have some followers who are tired of being the Bully’s victims, too, and feel encouraged to maybe join with you in the next fight.

I'm with George. No compromise. Not before a vote anyway. The Dem position is looking pretty good right now, and I'd say Frist is reaching the point of an empty bluff pretty soon. If somehow he and Cheney wrangle the numbers, he calls for a vote, gets the rule change, we shut down the Senate. Then with legislation languishing, we offer something like the Drum Compromise. Not before.

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George T said...

Hey Mr. Furious, thanks for the atribution on my Carpetbagger comment. Too bad you already have the claim on the "furious" name - I've been that way for a long time. Also, I note from your Profile that you are in Ann Arbor, which to me is the most heavenly spot in Michigan. I was born and raised in Flint, couldn't afford Ann Arbor so went to Flint U-M, then spent 17 years "prosthelitizing" to the heathen in East Lansing! :-) Even though I now live in the North country, my heart still bleeds Maize & Blue!!!