Thursday, April 14, 2005

Politics: Bankruptcy Abomination Passes

It's official, the "Bankruptcy Abuse Prevention and Consumer Protection Act" (a.k.a. "The Credit Card Industry Corporate Giveaway and Consumer Sodomy Act") passed the house 302-126. Every single Republican voted for it, so it was going to pass anyway, but 73 fucking sell-out Democrats crossed over and joined them, giving the real sponsors and patrons of this Republican-originated and dominated piece-of-shit legislation the cover of "bipartisanship." You can bet your ass that the word "bipartisan" will be in the very first sentence uttered by the Boy King when he signs this thing next week.

There was no good reason for any Democrat to support this. Period. There was nothing "bipartisan" about this Bill. Republicans struck down every single possible amendment offered by the Dems that could have taken some of the edge off this horrendous bill. Often by a party-line vote. As result, the Democrats should have banded together and said, "Fine. We don't want our names on this thing, it's all yours." Why? Because there is not one single Democrat or potential Democrat voter in this country supporting this thing. In fact, I'd bet there aren't too many Republicans either. The only people who wanted this were the lending industries. It is bad for everybody else. Medical disaster? Lost your job? Sent to Iraq? You're fucked. You can never get out from under your debt now.

In 2006 it would have been nice to hang this anvil around the necks of the "Republicans who choose big business over regular Americans", but that can't happen as a nation-wide, Party message thanks to these 73 corporate whores. Thanks a lot for making defining our Party versus the Republicans a near impossibility. Fuck.

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