Thursday, August 04, 2005

LOL: New Humor Links

What can I say? It's a slow day at the office.

So, there's a guy here in Ann Arbor that looks like a 2:3 scale Mr. T. He works it -- mohawk, beard and everything. Even with that guy around to remind me, it's easy to forget how freaking ridiculous the real Mr. T (and the resultant hype) was. Go watch this, and, no, I don't remember him wearing fuckin' hot pants either.

That link was courtesy of Alien Loves Predator

Spamusment. Remember how funny you thought The Far Side was twenty years ago? This is the new Far Side.

The Comics Curmudgeon. Your daily newspaper's comic strips... ripped to shreds. You might have to scroll for a good one but they're there.

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Missouri Mule said...

Mr. Furious, car salesmen are famous for wearing the Mr. T starter jewelry. Oh, and those guys who hang out in bars with lots of red velvet carpet like that crap too. :)