Wednesday, November 16, 2005

False Alarm?

FOX responded to my hate mail with this:

While that would be welcome news if true, it actually still doesn't really counter my complaints below. FOX is still jerking the show around and it will still fail if even loyal viewers can't figure out when the hell it's on and get fed up. That's no way to market a show, especially a pseudo-serial or grow an audience.

My wife wondered if it was because of Jason Bateman's surgery, but if you read the story, they supposedly had new episodes ready to run through November. I think they are yanking it for sweeps, which frankly, is stupid. Perhaps the "hiatus" will allow the supposedly overwrought writers to catch up, and this won't keep happening.

"to be continued" indeed...


ChiroDocMetsFan said...

Just found your blog after you posted on 'Baseball Crank' and enjoyed the content on your site.

What was the hate mail you sent FOX News? Anything hate mail that goes to FOX News is one I know I'd enjoy.


Mr Furious said...

It was to general "AskFox" and not Fox News. Not really HATE mail, I had fired off an email to bitch about the rumored cancellation of 'Arrested Development.'

I enjoy the Crank and have been reading him for years. The baseball analysis is excellent, but we are often at odds on politics. I think he's dead wrong on this one, and it will be interesting to see if he weighs back in on that thread or lets it go now that he is being outnumbered...

Oh, and welcome.