Friday, November 18, 2005

Music: Friday Random Ten

1. "The Real Me" - The Who
2. "We Shall Not Be Moved" - Dan Zanes
3. "Rattlin' Bog" - Dan Zanes
4. "Your Most Valuable Possession" - Ben Folds Five
5. "Creep (acoustic version)" - Radiohead
6. "Xanadu'" - Rush
7. "Shining Star" - Earth, Wind and Fire
8. "Line Up" - Elastica
9. "The Boss's Car" - John Scofield
10. "Sister Morphine" - Rolling Stones

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Mr Furious said...

1. "The Real Me" - The Who Absolute kick-ass. Period. I don't care if this song is being sullied by use as a CSI themesong or not (it is, isn't it?). Quadrephenia is my favorite stuff from The Who. A tremendous headphones song led by Entwhistle and Moon, which seems written to allow Pete Townshend maximum widmilling. Question: Who was the Headbanger's Ball band that covered this? I remember that being really good...anybody got it? (Thrilhous, I'm looking in your direction) 10

2. "We Shall Not Be Moved" - Dan Zanes I added almost 90 "children's songs" to the iPod recently as a separate playlist for my daughter, but they do shuffle in from time to time. If you have kids (or even if you don't), do yourself a favor and pick up some Dan Zanes. Former frontman for the Del Fuegos, Zanes is an excellent musician, and these albums are originals mixed with reinterpreted folk and islands standards. Aimee Mann, Lou Reed, Deborah Harry among others contribute. I love this stuff, and if I got in the car by myself and DZ was left in the car CD player, I'd drive around town by myself, cranking it. 7

3. "Rattlin' Bog" - Dan Zanes Whoa, back to back. One of the more children-y tunes. Features 'Father Goose', who I pictured to be a crusty, old, black bluesman-type until I found out at the concert he's a pudgy, football jersey-wearin' hip hopper. Concert?! Yikes, I am really a parent! 7

4. "Your Most Valuable Possession" - Ben Folds Five "Your mahnd." A message from Folds' answering machine from his dad, played over some nice, jazzy background music. If it was longer than two minutes, it'd get deleted. 5

5. "Creep (acoustic version)" - Radiohead Does "acoustic" equal "radio-safe?" Three seconds longer, minus the "so fuckin' special" and otherwise pretty indistiguishable from the album "Creep". 8

6. "Xanadu'" - Rush Album version. Since I cut my air-drumming teeth on the "Exit, Stage Left" version, this is a slight letdown by comparison. 8

7. "Shining Star" - Earth, Wind and Fire Musically cool and funky enough to be a good theme song for walking into a bar. If that person was a white boy like me, it would have to be during my sitcom. The song's total package never gets quite as cool as you want it to (or remember it) however. 8

8. "Line Up" - Elastica Unlike a fine wine or cheese, not better with age. 6

9. "The Boss's Car" - John Scofield Way back in college, I traded my only jazz/fusion CD (Billy Cobham) for this Scofield disc. This is the only song active in iTunes, but it's always a pleasant surprise. 7

10. "Sister Morphine" - Rolling Stones Industrial strength finish. One particular instrumental moment is definitely cool enough to be a personal soundtrack. Ironic for a guy who has never done any drugs... The Stones are the clear favorites for me among British invaders. (Who second, Beatles three) 10

7.6 average. Pretty goood, considering the cross-playlist contamination. The Who and Stones bookends carried the day.