Monday, November 14, 2005


After a word of mouth campaign finally got a bunch of new people ready to watch this brilliant show this season, FOX decided to change it's night to accomodate a five-year old retread cartoon, pre-empt it for a month with baseball and then jerk it on and off the air to show "Prison Break" repeats. No wonder it couldn't "get enough ratings." How many ads did I see for goddamn "Prison Break" during the playoffs? Perhaps they might have spread the ad money around a little? Maybe built up a franchise night, with good shows leading into other good shows...? Thought far enough ahead to realize "Prison Break" is only good for one season?

Idiots. They lucked into hiring some talented people to come up with a brilliant show, it wins Emmys and everything else, and then they pull the plug without ever giving it a chance.

So what's on FOX tonite? Last week's "Prison Break", followed by this week's "Prison Break." Ingenius.

I guess FOX viewers must really be too stupid to follow a serial. Or, to program their TiVos and VCRs...

This sums it all up perfectly. Right down to the bra.

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Elizabeth said...

Dude, I would like to comment but I'm here for the politics. Since I'm abroad all I get are BBC world and EuroNews.