Thursday, December 01, 2005

Ayotte v. Planned Parenthood

Dahlia Lathwick has great analysis and play-by-play from yesterday's Supreme Court abortion case. Read it. Or listen to it.

NPR's Nina Totenberg covered some of the same ground yesterday. Listen. And this NPR page has links to listen to parts of the testimony.

I love listening to that stuff. I find it riveting. Except when Scalia speaks and I find it reviling. And believe me, he came out with some real crap yesterday...

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ORF said...

I once wrote a post about Scalia b/c of an article I read about him in the NYer magazine. They've slowly been profiling all the justices. Anyway, he's got some fairly dispicable ideologies in my view, but I'll say this about him: I confess to admiring any man who stands by his convictions about the Constitution so much that he applies them even when he would not agree with himself ideologically. Such as in the case in which he voted to overturn the conviction of a flag burner for the sake of upholding the man’s First Amendment right to free speech (and by extension, expression.) Obviously, Scalia would NEVER condone flag burning and he's said as much, but he was more inclined to tow his own party line about civil rights. We need more people like that in government.