Tuesday, December 06, 2005

A-Rod, Jeter and Nomar?!?

Garciaparra in Pinstripes? It's Not That Far-Fetched
DALLAS, Dec. 5 - There is no obvious place to put him, and he is not an immediate priority. But as they sift through a weak free-agent market, the Yankees are intrigued by a familiar name: Nomar Garciaparra.

[...] Tellem would not name the teams, but Yankees General Manager Brian Cashman said Tellem had called him about Garciaparra. He would get little playing time on the left side of the infield with the Yankees, but Garciaparra could conceivably play every day at other positions.

"Teams have asked him, in general, about the outfield, first base, second base," Tellem said. "He's pretty open to any position other than catcher and pitcher."

I badly want Nomar to hook on to a good team, and do well. While I obviously don't want the Yankees to be the benificiary of his comeback, I'd be lying if I didn't admit the pure drama of that scenario is intriguing.

UPDATE: I'd much rather see this. The Indians are going to be good again. They are young and extremely talented, and Nomar could be the perfect veteran fit. And they are not the Yankees.

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Montag said...

What a great hitter Nomar can be. He's gotten fragile though. Maybe a more limited utility/pinch hitting role is what he needs to stay healthy.

I agree with Mr. F and would like to see him do well.

Friendly warning to fans wherever Nomar ends up: That batter's box routine may seem charming at first, but boy is it crazy-making after about four days of a batting slump.