Friday, February 17, 2006

Friday Random Ten

Here we go, iPod mini-style...

1. "All Wrong" - Morphine
2. "Closer" - The Firm
3. "Two Princes" - Spin Doctors
4. "Sexual Healing" - Soul Asylum
5. "Mockingbirds" - Grant Lee Buffalo
6. "Xanadu'" - Rush
7. "Bring It On Home" - Zeppelin
8. "Naveed" - Our Lady Peace
9. "Only Talking Sense" - Finn Brothers
10. "Moonlight Mile" - Rolling Stones

Extended commentary and ratings in the comments to save space...

1 comment:

Mr Furious said...

1. "All Wrong" - Morphine It's too bad I didn't really discover these guys until fairly recently (circa 2000). I heard 'Honey White' long before that, but wasn't interested...Big mistake. I love this band. 8

2. "Closer" - The Firm '80s "supergroup" featuring Jimmy Page and Paul Rodgers. I ate this stuff up with a spoon in high wonder, twenty years later, it's pretty much pablum. And this is one of the better songs. 5

3. "Two Princes" - Spin Doctors It's probably completely dorky to confess, but this song still holds up. A fun band for what they are, which is goofball hippies who happen to be great musicians and catchy songwriters. 6

4. "Sexual Healing" - Soul Asylum It might be blasphemy to many, but this is a pretty good cover of Marvin Gaye. They play it straight, pretty much Gaye with the "soul" dialed down and "rock" tweaked up. I cannot listen to this band without remembering a friend, Jim, from St. Paul who had such a visceral hatred for this band that you'd think Jim was either going out with Winona Ryder or depended solely on income from shampoo sales when Dave Pirner showed up and made it big. 8

5. "Mockingbirds" - Grant Lee Buffalo The radio hit off a great album. It prompted me to buy several others, none of which I ever listened to more that once or twice. 7

6. "Xanadu'" - Rush The studio version. If it were the cut from "Exit" it would be a 10. Prog-rock standard-bearer. 9

7. "Bring It On Home" - Zep Plant and Page had a habit of burying the best songs on the back end of the album. This is one of several, great "last" songs. 10

8. "Naveed" - Our Lady Peace I hope Scott Stapp stays up nights wishing Creed was ever as good as OLP. 8

9. "Only Talking Sense" - The Finn Brothers Fairly forgetable song from the guys behind Crowded House, off a Paste CD or something. On the plus side, it prompted me to go on iTunes and buy some Split Enz. 4

10. "Moonlight Mile" - Stones The Glimmer Twins also like to throw the epics at the back end of the album. In this album's case, "Sticky Fingers" is just too loaded for this to rank very high. 7

7.2 average. Not bad. At one time or another, several of these songs were among my favorites, it's interesting to see which ones held up, and which didn't.