Tuesday, October 10, 2006

"Let's Go To The Videotape..."

Watch this. One of those (many) clips that leaves me cringing, "I cannot believe this fucking moron/penis is our President." No wonder everything's so screwed.

Seriously, after watching something like that I can almost understand why, and forgive the press for not asking Bush the tough questions. It's quite clearly a fucking waste of time, and has to be immensely frustrating. Malveaux doggedly keeps after Bush, yet he just leans over the podium, takes cracks at her, lies, and then makes utterly no sense at all.

If I were her, I'd have thrown my mike at him and walked out of the room after about ten seconds of his bullshit.

[h/t C&L]

UPDATE: When checking the link, I realized this exchange took place in July. His moron/penisness still stands. And since then he's been proven wrong as well.

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