Saturday, October 14, 2006

They're Grrreat!

The Tigers finished off the sweep of the A's tonite. It was a tight game with plenty of tension and a dramatic walk-off finish. During the Rogers game last week against the Yanks, it just seemed like the Tigers might not lose again. They haven't. They've now won seven in a row and await the winner of the NLCS. The way the AL has dominated the NL lately, plus the way this Tigers team is pitching, hitting and picking it, I think they will make a meal out of whoever they face in the World Series.


ms.neighbor said...

Go TIGERS! I have been a fan since I was 12 and we won the world series in 84. It was the first time my parents let me stay up super late at night. It's been fun watching the Tigers and I can't wait for them to win the world series. Now if only the dems could win the house and senate and UM beat Ohio State it would be the perfect Oct-Nov.

Smitty said...

I was 10 when the Tigers won the World Series. My dad wept openly, along with my Grandpa. The passion people feel for baseball is incredible.

I was brought up on Tigers baseball, whether my dad changing my diapers in the stands or listening on the radio outdoors or on the job.

This is huge. Thanks for the pics on your post. Go Tigers...