Wednesday, November 08, 2006

That Was Fast...

Good. Fucking. Riddance.

And Bush is offering the job to former CIA Director (and Iran/Contra enabler) Bob Gates. Guess that means Lieberman is out of play, and so will be the Senate.

As to the rest of Bush's remarks today, he was much more conciliatory than I thought he would be, and acknowledged he and his party took "a thumpin'." I'll have more to say later after seeing a transcript, but from what I heard there were several remarks that would NEVER have come out of his mouth before the election. Things along the lines of "Democrats care as much as Republicans about protecting the country" and "supporting the troops."

More to come.


S.W. Anderson said...

"Bush is offering the job to former CIA Director (and Iran/Contra enabler) Bob Gates."

Hey, nobody's perfect. You go looking for clean hands and spotless records among longtime Republican administration appointees, you might as well be looking for a '64 Mustang in like-new condition, with only 25,000 original miles on the odometer.

The key thing about Gates is that he's a longtime Bush family friend — good crony material, not likely to tell tales out of school.

Mr Furious said...

And apparently he's real tight with James Baker.

Look for Bush to give the Baker Commission Report a lot of play.

Sickofspin said...

You liberals make your comments as if liberals are without scandal and cronyism. William Jefferson anyone? Harry Reid anyone? Tom Daschle and his lobbyist wife anyone?

Mr Furious said...


Jefferson, sure. A good old fashioned crooked pol. Working alone, not as part of a party-wide syndicate. Caught and handled by Pelosi immediately. Cash in the freezer vs. illegally selling arms to a sworn enemy of the country. Yeah, same thing.

I remember Daschle was married to a lobbyist (airlines?) but I don't recall what the scandal was.

Harry Reid is fucking clean. That AP punk Solomon has it out for him, but there's no there, there.

You don't really want to play this game. You will lose.

Mike said...

play this game

And I'll add, Sickofspin (Ironic Name Alert!), you DON'T FUCKING GET IT. The question's not whether your guy is corrupt, while this guy is more corrupt,etc.

It's whether someone is doing his job, is good for the country. Yes, Clinton got his cock sucked in the Oval Office and lied about it.

He did (wink).

It's not whether x number of Dems did such-and-such. They probably did to.

It's whether the GOPers who got tossed haven't supported a status quo of lying, incompetence & disrespect for the Constitution.

THAT's what it's about.