Friday, April 06, 2007

FRT: Back From the Grave and Ready to Party

It's been awhile. The iPod's been collecting dust since the baby was born in February. Here goes...

1. "Whale and Wasp" - AIC Brief acoustic(ish) interlude from Jerry Cantrell. I think I detect some bass too, so throw the bass player in there as well. A good start, but I looking to pick things up a bit. 7

2. "Fuzzed and Fading" - School of Fish You might know their hit, "Three Strange Days." A good band that should have done more. I found out years later they didn't because the lead singer died. Oh well. 7

3. "Groovy Train" - The Farm Am I at a design studio party in 1992? It's probably the last time I heard this. 6

4. "Indian War-Cry" - Laura Ingalls Wilder "Next morning Pa went whistling to his plowing..." Book on CD for my daughter in the car. It's no "A Scream in the Night", but as Little House chapters go, it's pretty good... No, I'm not going to count this one.

4. "Southern Cross" - Crosby, Stills and Nash So what if it's a little too easy-listening... Simply one of my all-time favorite songs. 10

5. "Hotel Yorba" - White Stripes A quickie. Less than two minutes of fun with Jack and Meg. 8

6. "Rehumanize Yourself'" - Police Sting can really play some bass. Give this one a listen some time. 7

7. "Emotional Rescue" - Stones Fucking tour de force for the rhythm section. Wyman and Watts lay down the law. A top three Stones song. Don't ask me what the other two are, they'll be different any given day, but any time I hear this song it catapults itself up there. 10

8. "From One Cums One" - fIREHOSE Standard 'HOSE. The boys must've been on the phone with Prince when they wrote down the title. 7

9. "Spiders (Kidsmoke)" - Wilco Hands-down my favorite Wilco tune. If more of their songs were like this one, I wouldn't find them so damn inaccessible. 9

10. "Angeles" - Elliott Smith Brilliant talent. Makes me sad every time I hear him to realize the misery he poured into his music was genuine enough to actually have ended his life. 8

7.9 average. Nice comeback. Plus, I beat Otto Man "to press."


Anonymous said...

Hey Furious,
I know that the internet is supposed to be filled with mis information, but come on, you could have done a little research on School of Fish.

The first album was 1991, Josh Clayton-Felt didn't die until 2000. (he died of cancer at age 32)

He had released 4 solo albums as well.

The fourth one was released after his death as there was little label interest for it, but his mother finally got it released.

It's a great album called 'spirit touches ground'.


Oh, you know i love a good conspiracy (like the missing moon landing tapes... i wasn't surprised), so let's just say that I am a little skeptical about Elliot Smith's suicide. Who stabs themselves in the chest? TWICE!

Actually, i am just really bored so i just started typing.

Mr Furious said...

Who stabs themselves in the chest? TWICE!

A seriously messed up guy filled with self-loathing? Either way, a tragedy.


Jesus, I barely have time to sleep never mind blog, and you expect me to do book reports on failed rock acts? I'll keep my eye on the mailbox for those JC-F cd copies...

Mike said...

I was never a huge Ghost in the Machine fan, though the first three songs were top-of-the-line.

But this is a nifty little tune, and Sting never has to apologize for his bass playing with the Police. Along with McCartney, an incredibly overlooked bassist, due to their prominance as singers, songwriters, band leaders, etc.

But Sting could work that fretless machine like a wizard. Funky for a white boy.

Mr Furious said...

McCartney makes up for it by being overrated in every other aspect...

Full disclosure: I have a problem with Paul, and I don't know why.

Mike said...

Oh, I'm a John man, through & through. Except for side two Abbey Road, Paul did little of note after about 1964-65. He was a monster early on, but became a total cheesemeister by the time of Revolver.