Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Supreme Court Upholds Ban

Read this and tell me the Supreme Court made the right decision today. Seriously. Read it now and come back and finish this.


Angry now? You should be. There is NO WAY anybody could ever convince me that the government has any place in that story. While the woman who shared her story is certainly courageous, the unsung hero in that story is actually the doctor who performed her procedure—an exceedingly compassionate man no doubt painted as the ultimate bloodthirsty villain by the Right.

I have plenty of anger at Bush and the other assholes pictured above to say nothing of the Court's disingenuous majority. But that's like being angry at a shark—they do what they do because it's who they are. That picture was taken in 2003 when Bush signed this crap into law. It's taken four years, but they finally have their victory—trojan horse legislation designed to make ALL abortions illegal, and now blessed by the highest Court in the land.

My anger right now is directed at fools who thought there is no difference between parties or that the country isn't safe enough to turn over to Democrats. But especially at John Kerry.

Kerry and the Dems really blew it in 2004. THIS was the issue and they punted. The Supreme Court hung in the balance in 2004 like no time I can recall in my life. It is about more than Roe v. Wade—countless issues are due to come before the Court in the next year or two, and whoever would become President would get to single-handedly impact those events.

Bush won and appointed not one, but TWO Justices—and we all knew he would. Anything happens to Stevens, and Bush will have a chance to completely turn the Court and wreak havoc on the country that will last a generation or more with his next appointment of a young conservative Justice.

This is a terrible day, but the decision was, as Publius points out, effectively made in November 2004.


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