Sunday, June 17, 2007

Happy Fathers Day (to me!)

Went to Father's Day brunch buffet at the incomparable Webers Inn here in Ann Arbor this morning. Ruby the Carnivore and I indulged in an absolute Meat Bonanza—sausage (patties, of course), ham from the carving station, and she enjoyed some steak tips and even fried chicken—but there was NO BACON! I quickly rallied and switched from protein to carbs and started downing those miniature Belgian waffles and pastries to fill the void. Rachel valiantly stayed within the boundaries of normal human consumption, but I made a pig of myself—what the hell, it's my day, right? That, and I reminded myself of the fact that I'm armed with the first season of "The Shield" plus "Casino Royale" on DVD to put in some extra treadmill time.

It was all delicious and a great start to the day, but alas, there is NOTHING more enjoyable than a good slice of bacon.


Smitty said...

Happy Dad's Day. I went to Weber's once, many moons ago. Awesome. I gorged myself silly.

I may be in Ann Arbor in the next few weeks...I'd love to grab a beer if you're free. My firm just picked up Google as a client so I may need to do some business in the near future.

Mr Furious said...

Cool. Keep me posted. Shoot me an email at matt at voltagedesign dot com.

Bob said...

Ah, to devoir large amounts of meat with the children. I can only dream.

I am the only meat eater in my three person family. My wife insists on raising the child a vegetarian. Oh well, the kids as chubby as can be and seems to be as strong as an ox.

Anonymous said...

ahhhhh... fat stupid liberals. I should have know.