Sunday, December 30, 2007

Perfect Season. So Far...

"We were the first ones to climb Mount Everest," Yepremian said late Saturday. "If New England comes and does it, then they can be the second ones. But you usually don't remember No. 2. I remember Sir Edmund Hillary was the first one to climb Mount Everest. I don't remember who did it the second time. Do you?"

Drink up Garo, Nick, Don and the rest of you bitter old fucks.

Ya know, even as a Patriots fan, I was all prepared to pen a "the Patriots haven't done anything until they win the Super Bowl" post, until I read that self-serving, sore loser crap "response". Since you bitter assclowns broke out champagne every time an undefeated team lost in Week 10 or 13 (or whenever) for the last thirty years, Garo, you don't get to play it like this now—you care and you watched. All of you. Your perfect regular season is history, and in a month 19-0 will make 17-0 look like you climbed Mount Wycheproof, douche.


fridge said...

In the words of a great quarterback...

Idiot kicker.

Mr Furious said...

Yup. And I'll go further. I think it's much harder to go undefeated in the NFL today than in 1972. And as far as being "first?" Big fucking deal. the league was young, and there was no pressure on them.

Who do you think faced greater pressure? Babe Ruth or Hank Aaron?

And don't even try to compare the eras of media scrutiny. 1972 when nobody gave a shit about the NFL? Or 2007 when there are multiple 24-hour sports channels to say nothing of the NFL's own network.

Go away Dolphins...never has there been a more annoying and less gracious record-holder.

Anonymous said...

Yes, it is much harder to do it now then in '72.

But in those crusty old bastard defense, it's that same media scrutiny that keeps digging then up.

Nobody wants to hear from these guys but once every 5 years, if nobody called them and asked them about the Patriots, you wouldn't hear their lame quotes.

What do you expect them to do when someone finally calls them up? Hang up so they don't hurt your feelings?

It's sports, it's what we use to release the stress of "real" life.

(It's amazing the perspective you get by going 1-15!)