Monday, December 10, 2007

Judge Sentences Vick to 14 Years*

"Well, that's 23 months to you and me..."

The judge was none to happy too hear that Vick been less than candid in his testimony, and felt Vick had failed to accept responsibilty for his actions. Vick's plea called for 12-18 months. The judge said, "Fuck that. Try your comeback in 2010!" and gave him 23 months—the harshest term of all the defendants. He cannot appeal.

Vick also gets three years probation and must serve at least 85% of his sentence—19-1/2 months.

I hope the guards toss his cell with a hungry German Shepherd on a daily basis. Fucking punk.

* Dog years

UPDATE: This little escapade has cost Vick an estimated $142 million. You know what I say to that...


Deb said...

You meant "horny" German Shepherd, didn't you?

Mr Furious said...

Yes! Better!