Thursday, May 22, 2008

Dick(s) of the Week: "Two Male Offenders"

Vandals Damage Stonehenge

LONDON (AFP) - Vandals used a hammer and screwdriver to vandalize England's world-famous Stonehenge ancient monument, the first such incident for decades, officials said Thursday.

The night-time attack by two men last week involved the central megalith in the 5,000-year-old ring of standing stones, said the conservation body English Heritage, adding that they could have been looking for a souvenir.

Yesterday we got our copy of National Geographic and Stonehenge is the cover feature. I was looking at it with Kid F, and marveling at the sheer engineering feat of moving stones that weigh up to 50 tons from between 20 and 240 miles away. Five thousand fucking years ago...
[link] The giant sarsen stones (which form the outer circle), weigh as much as 50 tons each. To transport them from the Marlborough Downs, roughly 20 miles to the north, is a problem of even greater magnitude than that of moving the bluestones. Most of the way, the going is relatively easy, but at the steepest part of the route, at Redhorn Hill, modern work studies estimate that at least 600 men would have been needed just to get each stone past this obstacle.

Yeah but assholes with handtools felt like they were entitled to take a piece home with them. Perhaps these two dicks need to be used as part of a demonstration that henge means gallows.


Mr Furious said...

Ian: This looks actually perfect. I mean it's, uh, the right proportions. It'll be this color right?

Artist: Yeah. Yeah.

Ian: Yeah. That's...that's...that's just terrific. It almost looks like the real thing.

Artist: Well good.

Ian: When we get the actual, uh, set, when we get the piece, it''ll follow exactly these specifications. I mean even these contours and everything?

Artist: Um, I'm not understanding it. What do you mean "the actual piece?"

Ian: Well I mean...I mean when you build the actual piece.

Artist: But this is what you asked for, isn't it?

Ian: What?

Artist: Well this is the piece.

Ian: This is the piece?

Artist: Yes.

Ian: Are you telling me that this is it? This is scenery? Have you ever been to Stonehenge?

Artist: No, I haven't been to Stonehenge.

Ian: The triptychs are...the triptychs are twenty feet high. You can stand four men up them!

Artist: Ian, I was...I was...I was supposed to build it eighteen inches high.

Ian: This is insane. This isn't a piece of scenery.

Artist: Look, look. Look, this is what I was asked to build. Eighteen inches. Right here, it specified eighteen inches. I was given this
napkin, I mean...

Ian: Forget this! Fuck the napkin!!!

Smitty said...

I love that movie.

michelline said...

Chris and I took John's daughter there in 2004. We have a great picture of the 3 of us in front of it. It's awe inspiring - except for the expressway just feet from it. My dad said that when he was living over there, you could actually go up and touch it. Said there was always a ton of graffiti on the stones. Now you can't easily get close to it because they have it roped off.