Thursday, July 24, 2008

High Hopes

I just purchased $150 worth of paint, and I cannot tell you how excited I am to test this stuff out.

I don't fuck around when I paint—I take it seriously. I do a good job (if I say so myself) and I have high expectations. I am a long-time user/believer in Behr™ paint from Home Depot. Over the years I have used and tried them all—Benjamin Moore, Sherwin Williams, Lowes, etc. Behr has most consistently given me the results I want at a reasonable price, and the flexibility afforded by the store hours of Home Depot versus a pro paint shop that closes at 5 is a HUGE factor.

Our new (old) house is in good shape, and the guy we bought if from had pretty good taste, but we are going to need to re-paint every room sooner or later. That's a LOT of paint, and that means a LOT of off-gassing chemicals and such, and I'm not too big on making my kids soak that shit in.

Like everything else these days, there is a movement towards "green" paint products. I've seen print ads for Mythic™ paint and been intrigued...Then, when I went to Lowes and Home Depot over the last week or two, I noticed other paints glomming onto the environmental bandwagon. But I've done my meticulous internet over-research, and I am going all-in with Mythic.

It's more expensive, but not prohibitively so, and I had to drive 15 miles out of town to get it...but I like everything I read about it, I'm a sucker for the retro-styling and good design, and I want to reward a company striving for environmental responsibility.

First on the agenda is the girl's bedroom, then the hallway. I will follow-up with a full review.

UPDATE: Just to be clear—$150 is for a gallon of eggshell enamel for the walls, a gallon of primer, a gallon of ceiling paint, and a quart of semi-gloss for the trim. This paint is NOT $150 a can.


Toast said...

We're looking to paint our upstairs hallway soon, and we'd like to find a good, low-VOC (?) paint on account of our bird being around. Although we may end up boarding her whichever weekend we do the project anyhow.

Mr Furious said...

Since you are dealing figuratively with a canary in a coalmine, I STRONGLY suggest looking into this or a similar paint.

It's about $40 a gallon.